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A/C Cages custom builds air conditioner cages to stop copper thieves and prevent storm/hurricane damage. We also build cages for generators, watermains, back flow regulators, vending machines and anything else that needs 100% protection.

Protective AC Cage for your Airconditioner


In the United States there is a new tendency in robbery and theft. Air conditioners have large amounts of steel and copper, and there is a large scrap value for these materials. They have become an easy target for thieves. Many thieves are stealing air conditioner units and selling them for their scrap value. What is the solution to this problem? Many air conditioning companies are using A/C cages to protect their customerís air conditioner.


Copper prices are at an all time high - Copper Thieves are quick and unscrupulous in their task of relieving your AC of all itís copper.

It takes a thief less than five minutes to destroy a $1600 Residential Air Conditioning unit in order to steal $30 worth of copper in an unprotected A/C unit.

Law enforcement agencies across the country have formed special task forces to try and control and track down these thieves, but the best way to protect yourself is take action and install a security enclosure around your unit(s).

The rising price of copper has contributed to an alarming increase in copper theft across the nation.  Thieves are actually stealing or destroying air-conditioning units on the ground and even from roof tops of commercial buildings primarily to salvage the copper content inside. The entire crime usually takes place in less than 10 minutes, often with high voltage wires left exposed.

Imagine the loss and the costs involved for industrial or commercial air conditioning units!

A/C Cages air conditioner security cages are custom built to each customerís personal need. From Airport Security Cages to your backyard air conditioner. You can rely on the protection afforded by A/C Cages meticulous design and detail for air conditioner protection.


Many every day citizens have been harmed by copper theft & vandalism. Copper Theft affects everyone, residential, and business units alike, even rooftop air conditioning units have been stolen and/or vandalized. Senior citizens, and people on fixed incomes, renters, homeowners and even builders have been affected by these vandals. No ones air conditioner is safe unless they have an A/C Cage installed.

Don't remain a target and become a statistic for copper theft.

How do you stop copper thieves?

Take action against this crime today!

A/C Cages are specially made to allow breathing room for your air conditioner. A/C Cages give you the security of knowing that your AC unit will never be vandalized.

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